Auriin was the material world. It was the name used to describe the large landmasses inhabited by mortal beings in the Prime Material Plane.

The land area of Auriin was divided into six major regions: Dovrok, Fëaforn, Shuul, Nurfel, Kharn and Morlan. These landmasses were surrounded by saltwater oceans which extended in all directions, eventually fading into the elemental chaos at the edge of the world.

Throughout its history, Auriin was inhabited by Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Orcs, Giants, Dragons, and a vast array of other sentient or sapient lifeforms.

Auriin was created in the Second Age, when the prime deity Muana expressed their new-found will and emotion by hauling many wandering tendrils of the weird energy together in a passionate rage, thereby creating a grand hub of energy where the elemental chaos of each of these hundreds of tendrils washed together in an accidental act of creation. In doing so, Muana also created the other Material Planes, including the Feywild and the Shadowfen.

The skies of Auriin are dotted with twinkling specks of colour which illuminate the world. These are the points where the tendrils of weird energy intersect with the plane. The largest of these "stars" is known as The Great Rift. Whereas other stars twinkle, the Great Rift pulses with light. It is the main source of light that illuminates Auriin's surface, and its cycle is used to mark the passage of time.