Region of Auriin
Notable Cities
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The arid steppes of Morlan were home to some of the hardiest Humans and Orrik Dwarves in Auriin. From the dry, barren Morlan plains, through the desolate deserts of Canolze, to the towering peaks of the Auzgarne mountains, there were few islands of sanctuary from the region's harsh climate. The vast majority of Morlan's inhabitants were nomadic, carrying their homes with them, or taking refuge in the sandstone caves carved out by rivers that once flowed through the land.

What Morlan lacked in fertile land, it made up for in rich mineral wealth. The region exported a wealth of valuable gems and the purest metals to be found in all of Auriin. The center of this trade was the region’s largest city, Morqhād, which sat at the end of the longest and oldest trade route in history, which tied the city to the port of Carricall in Fëaforn.