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  • MPMM, pg. 20


Goblins were a race of small but pervasive goblinoids found throughout Auriin. Goblins had a universally poor reputation as malicious and deceitful, but they often displayed an ingenuity that didn't always go into doing evil. It was rare, but not unheard of, for a goblin to earn enough renown to be accepted into a civilised society. However, it was hard for the typical goblin to overcome their short temper and greed in order to serve good rather than evil, at least in the long term.


Goblins were near inescapable throughout the wildernesses of Auriin. Nobody can be certain of where goblins originated, but they excelled at establishing themselves in all but the most extreme climates.

The vast majority of goblins lived all across Auriin, in lairs built in natural caverns or in the ruins of the abandoned fortresses and settlements of other races, often dominated by their larger goblinoid cousins such as bugbears and hobgoblins.