First Era

The first era was a time when only three gods existed - Elethaor, Verenha and Mahacos - who existed as complementary energies in an infinite void.

In time, Elethaor came to hold a grand vision for the nothingness: to take this lifeless, empty void and fill it with energy. Tendrils of weird energy began to creep into the void at Elethaor's will, ever shifting and assembling themselves into the fabric of the universe.

While Verenha was fascinated by the weird energy, Mahacos feared it. He sought to marshal the chaos, preventing this act of creation from becoming an act of great destruction.

Second Era

The second era was characterised by the creation of many new gods, each designed to further the original three deities' visions for the universe.

  • Muana is created by Elethaor and Verenha, to help weave the Weird Energy.
  • Tantus is born of Mahacos, to aid in marshalling the chaos.
  • Tantus begins to breathe life, sentience and emotion into the fabric of Elethaor's creation, contrary to their allotted purpose.
  • Mahacos creates Nuul, to shepherd the souls created by Tantus who had become lost in the chaos.
  • Nuul creates the first discrete plane of existence, a refuge for lost souls.
  • Lyberan is created by Mahacos, as a champion of freedom.
  • Lyberan returns large swathes of Elethaor's chaos to the void, in protest against Elethaor keeping their only child, Muana, as a mindless slave cast out amongst the chaos.
  • Tantus grants sentience to Muana.
  • Muana expresses their new-found will and emotion in a passionate rage, and in so doing accidentally creates the Material Planes.
  • Torum is created by Elethaor to bring Lyberan to justice, but Verenha ensures that Torum is truly just and fair, in an attempt to appease Mahacos.
  • Verenha and Elethaor create Duevalar, who was tasked with creating a new form of life on the Material Planes, inspired by Tantus' creation.

Third Era

The third era began when the deities born in the second era began to bring forward a new generation of gods.

Fourth Era

The fourth era marked the birth of the Yeula, and the beginning of civilisation in Auriin.

  • The Yeula emerge on Shuul, created by and named for Yeulas.
  • A group of Yeula migrate across the sea to the north, to lands which will become known as Fëaforn. They will become known as the Fiandwe people.
  • A second group of Yeula migrate across the sea, landing in the Ezheras Gulf. They will become known as the Dueva.
  • A final major migration of Yeula, who would become known as Gwerians land in Nurfel, to the east.
  • Those remaining in Shuul will become known as the Suyerin.
  • A new prime deity, Salqua, is created by Duevalar and Lyberan, to help preserve the wilderness in the material planes from the rapid expansion of the Yeula.
  • Duevalar raises the mountains of Auriin to save the Dueva from the Underdark's influence.
  • The last prime deity, Lys, is born of Tantus and Verenha, designed to master the volatile elemental chaos. Lys would go on to develop the art of Arcana.

Fifth Era

The fifth era was born with the arrival of both Dragons in Auriin, and characterised further by the reign of the Taspian Empire.

Sixth Era

The sixth era began with the arrival of Elves in Auriin, and ended with the death of their king, Carric Thamior.

Seventh Era

The seventh era began with the death of the king of the elves, Carric Thamior.








  • The entrance to Shimmerswell Cave is destroyed in a great spell battle, and its location subsequently lost.