Region of Auriin
Notable Settlements
Common Races


Nurfel was a region of drab woodland and waterlogged marshland, in large parts engulfed in a persistent ghostly mist. It was named for the imposing Mount Nur, which laid to the south-east of the region, near the border with Morlan. Nurfel was the home of Halflings, Minotaurs and a mysterious avian race known as Kenku.

The ancient marshlands of Nurfel were a rich source of coal, which was exported to fuel forges across Auriin. The citizens of Nurfel were themselves talented smiths and craftspeople, though their approach to work was rather lax. Halflings and their kin were merry folk, who spent much of their time in taverns and inns, or gathered around the hearth singing songs and feasting on rich meats and puddings.

In the Seventh Era, the ancient Gwerian Empire clung on in the form of the great cities along the region's coastline, Gwer and Inshe, which were the centre of trade and politics in the Nurfel. The allied cities kept slack reins on the sleepy population of Nurfel.