• Inshe High Council


Inshe is the second-largest city in Nurfel, only after the Glass City. It is built on a stretch of drier land to the south of the region, and lies on the main road between the [The Trade Road|trade road]] to the east and the Glass City to the west.

The people of the city are a diverse mix of halflings, gnomes, humans and elves (mostly sea elves). Inshe was built by the sea elves, and was once the capital of a land-bound enclave of their empire.

Points of Interest

Church of Atun's Gauntlet

This church to the god of virtuous warriors, Atun's Gauntlet, doubles as the headquarters for a warriors’ guild. The guild members, many of whom are clerics of the church, train intensively with heavy weapons and armour, skills which they enhance with divine magic granted by their devotion to Atun. The warriors make up an elite force within the city’s military force, but many of them also have a vigilantist bent, which is often condoned by the church’s leaders and seemingly unchecked by the high council.

City Hall

The great hall is of old sea-elf construction. It consists of three domes, constructed of sandstone and painted with vivid blues and greens. Copper reinforcing ribs run up the sides of the domes, meeting at a cap at the top. The hall barely reaches taller than the spires of the churches and other tall buildings elsewhere in the city, but together the domes have an enormous footprint. The city is run from here by the high council, an anonymous group of supposedly otherwise ordinary citizens randomly selected each year.

One Man's Treasure

An adventurer’s shop, fully equipped with a wide variety of common adventuring gear. The shop was founded in the early 1360s by a human ex-adventurer named Cedric.

Temple of Dahmun

This temple is dedicated to the god Dahmun, a sea elf aspect of Elethaor. Dahmun is illustrated as a female sea elf with flowing blue robes like waterfalls. She is the goddess of water and healing. The clerics of the temple are adept medics, capable of casting a range of powerful healing spells. They also brew and sell their own healing potion, which they call Dahmun’s Still.

The Woebegone Whale

A bustling tavern, and a standard port-of-call for any adventurer passing through Inshe.