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The Coeminster Pact was an agreement between the most powerful rulers of Fëaforn, who intended to ensure the protection of their citizens from the evil forces that infested the wilderness between islands of civilization in the region.

The pact was forged in the year 1431, between the leaders of Fëaforn. The formation was led largely by Gerhart Greycastle, the Lord of Carricall; his son, Wymar Greycastle, went on to rule the city and its surrounds in the province of Foscarden, and take his father's place in the pact.


Following the fall of the Gwerian Empire in the 1300s, the autocratic ex-imperial rulers of the region's west coast struggled to retain control over Fëaforn's people and resources. By the year 1438, Carricall's army consisted almost entirely of Fëafornian natives who wanted rid of the dead empire's influence. The people revolted, empowered by the army; over the course of the three days of The Blossoming, a number of prominent lords and imperial advisors were assassinated or imprisoned. Lord Gerhart Greycastle, deemed to be on the side of the rebellion, was then named Lord of Carricall and ruler of Foscarden.

Greycastle went on to form a democratic government, allowing settlements in the region to elect representatives to sit on his council and to create and enforce local policy. Two years later, it became apparent to Lord Greycastle that tensions were rising between between his people and the free folk of Fëaforn's south. It was also clear to him that Enna Berevian, who had indirectly been protecting his lands by warding off the wild men and beasts beyond the North Gate, would make a powerful ally if Fëaforn was ever to come under attack like it had in centuries past. In the year 1430, Greycastle proposed a pact between the various factions in the region, that would unite the people and promote stability.

A year later in 1431, Amar Glasnabane came forward as an elected leader of the free folk, and met with Greycastle and Berevian to lay out the terms of the pact. The agreement was later formalised by all parties by the ceremonial signing of the pact in the town of Coeminster, as a sign of Greycastle's commitment to encouraging prosperity in the south, lead by the free folk who lived there.

In 1457, the Chcauzl people of north-east Fëaforn joined the Coeminster pact, represented by their leader, Blood Seer Qautémoc Miczlántecútli.

In 1470, Gerhart Greycastle died of a mundane sickness and his son, Wymar Greycastle, was elected by the council to take his place.

In 1473, Lance Floquart signed the pact, as the Pact recognised him as the lord of the now independent province of Lelanëon, on the region's border with Nurfel.

In 1488, Tlácelel Achcauhtlí became the new Blood Seer of the Chcauzl, and became a conduit of the pact's influence from the hold of Teyapacán.

In 1490, the half-orc Tomph Goltorah signed the pact in her capacity as the elected parriarch of the free conurbation of Bartrioch.