Enna Berevian

Enna Berevian
Lady of The North Gate
  • 928
  • 5'3" (160cm)


Enna Berevian was one of few Eladrin who lingered on the Prime Material Plane, of whom she lived to be the oldest and perhaps the most erudite. Enna rose to prominence when aged only 24, lead an army against the Bashuuk Horde, stopping them at Carricall and Teyapacan. This display of leadership and skill established Enna as a political leader, not just a military one - a position only truly formalised nearly 500 years later when Enna cosigned the Coeminster Pact. In doing so, she pledged to protect of Fëaforn's Northern reaches and having the title of Lord of The North Gate bestowed upon her.

As an Eladrin, Enna's life was far longer than that of most other creatures on the Prime Material Plane. She used much of the time afforded to her adventuring, achieving a mastery of a wide range of disciplines and leaving only a small fraction of Auriin's lands unexplored.

However, as the seasons came and went, their cyclical dance served as a poignant reminder of the transience of life. An icy winter settled inside her, casting a frozen veil over her heart. This melancholy coloured not only her appearance, but also her innate magic; Her entire form took on an ice-blue hue, and she exercised a masterful command of the arctic desert that surrounded the desolate citadel of The North Gate.