Mount Bhachai

Mount Bhachai


Mount Bhachai was a mountain in the Evening Wall range. It was home to a human settlement, to which the so-called "Lich King", Taqaaz Eilagh, belonged. It was later the site of his stronghold.

The inhabitants of Bhachai and a number of settlements surrounding the mountain were worshippers of a deity known as The Mother of the Mountain, a maternal aspect of Salqua. The Mother of the Mountain was associated with thunder and lightning, which were particularly common phenomena in the area.

The mountain was destroyed in the year 1364 of the Seventh Era, when its heartstone was destroyed by a group of adventurers seeking to destroy the Lich King's phylacteries. This was the first recorded example of the death of a mountain.

The mountain pass that remained where Mount Bhachai stood when on to become the site where the city of New Bhachai was founded.